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Tale of Two Mice

Cassandra Labairon

Some want a New

York City walk

-up; while others

prefer Arco, MN

population 101,

gravel roads, and

sky for miles.

Where David

Bowie never walked

down main

street. He didn’t

stop into the gas

station for a cup

of watered down

Folgers, a slice

of frozen pepperoni

pizza, and a game

of dice with the old

timers. Though, here

there are other types

of stories, and when

February breaks below

zero, the sun on heaven’s

horizon beats every acid

trip under Manhattan’s

skyline. My NYC

friend came for

a visit. I offered

her an everything bagel

from the grocery store.

She wouldn’t bite.

Not even a little nibble.



Cassandra Labairon is a poet/artist from Minnesota. Her second chapbook, And the Road Will Take You There, published by Spoon River Poetry Press, was written in conjunction with a mixed media series. Her poems were published in the anthology Farming Word, edited by Bill Holm and in numerous literary magazines.

Image Credit: Emma Grey Rose, "Springtime Light"

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