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I'll Be the Man

Ani Bachan

Have you ever gone 50 in a 40, noticed, eased off the gas and thought, If the universe allowed it, I would’ve made a great guy? Because I love this condition, but damn, I could have made a woman proud. If she said, Where were you last night or you’re going too fast! I would tell her I was stuck between the June of her smile and the July of her frown, and Yes, of course, for her, I’ll love the breaks. For her, I’ll stop traffic and make a yellow afternoon out of a silver Pontiac. We have nowhere we need to be, so I’ll be the man and slow the world all the way down. Picture it: the sun takes rest and the engine idles like girls in love, lingering and afraid the world will disappear if we look away for too long. Here, the tank is always three-quarters full and the world is right where we left it, an endless parade of gold barley and sweet corn. Like words of praise in the lifestyle section, ink-stained cattle colour the infinite highway: You can hear how much he loves her, just listen to that motor hush.


Ani Bachan is a Toronto-based student and occasional writer. She has been previously published in Inlandia's Online Journal, The Showbear Family Circus, F3LL Magazine, and Phantom Kangaroo.

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