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Face Paint Through History

Christopher Dizon

     “How you paint your face expresses elements of who you are, and the culture you are a part of.”

                        --Jessica Svennengon


Have you ever seen an idea adorned

on human skin, with geometric dye

showcasing a cosmetic circus, or

how an arrangement of color performs

a purpose? Brush angry streaks of pigment

across the eyes and call it war paint. Use

anxious dyes and imposter syndrome to

camouflage failure and call it coming of

age. Primer every occasion as a

riot of passage, a face festival for

musings, an incomplete mural in need

of a touch up. Exhibit chromatic

calligraphy, a stained-glass face,

a closed composition, framed and bleeding.



Christopher Dizon earned an M.A. in Comparative Literature from California State University, East Bay. His previous publications include Quite Lightning’s Sparkle and Blink, Blue Crow Magazine, The Riding Light, and The Midnight Circus.

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