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Featured Artist Interview

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Emma Grey Rose

You have a poem ("Shades of Blue") and artwork featured in this issue of The Bear Paw Arts Journal. What connections do you see between your writing and your visual art?

The connections I see between my writing and visual art are that they both express something, just in different ways. The visual art is a more indirect form of expression for me. But there is always something behind it: a feeling, a moment, a thought. Both my artwork and writing are interconnected in this way.

Tell us about your experience as a visual artist working in black and white vs. color.

I enjoy working in both black and white and color. The presence of color can often create a certain mood to a piece of art. When work is limited to gray, white, and black, a different mood can be created. The lack of color or presence of it drastically influences the effect of the artwork on the viewer. For me, it influences how I feel while creating the piece and what I feel once it is finished.

We also notice your artwork depicts a number of different landscapes. Can you tell us about what draws you to a particular landscape and what you hope to capture about a landscape in your art?

I often feel drawn to a particular landscape due to an emotional connection I have with it. I like to paint the ocean because I live near it now, although I didn’t for most of my life. I enjoy depicting more wooded areas also, because I used to live near the mountains in Oregon and often visited remote, wooded areas. I hope to capture a moment of the landscape, a time, frozen forever, and a feeling.


Artist Biography


     Emma Grey Rose is a writer, artist, and filmmaker based in San Diego, CA.

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