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Growing Love

Sunday Dutro

The garden has been the unsightly repository of my dashed dreams for years. Barren, unable to grow more than weeds despite constantly amending the soil and planting “easy crops” – squash, lettuce, beans – everything failed. We decide to tackle it together. We laugh and smile, discuss the bounty we’ll have to enjoy, trade with, give away. This year there will be tomatoes, firm and tasting like sunshine, sweet corn eaten fresh off the stalk with no need to cook it, and brussels sprouts because I have an addiction to them fried with garlic and ponzu. We are confident our magic will extend to the garden. After all, I was once a barren repository of dashed dreams, too. Though not anymore. We’ll reap the rewards of our garden in fall, the rewards of our new family in winter. Love growing everywhere we plant it. 



Sunday Dutro is a Haven Writing Retreat alum, editor, and grant writer. She is an Emerging Writer Member of The Author’s Guild and lives in Montana with her husband, children, dogs, cats, and chickens. She is actively working on a memoir.

Photo Credit: Emilee Luke, "Peeking"

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